Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pity Party for...one?

We've been taught since we were infants to reach for the stars and work our butts off until we succeed. Knowing this, I've set many short and long-term writing goals for myself.

Now that I've hit the murky middle in my WIP, I've been feeling, well, a bit sorry for myself for not achieving more at this stage of my writing career. I question if I have any business writing a book. I studied Music Education in school. Am I kidding myself? This is my third novel. I really hoped my last MS would be The One. But despite the partial and full requests, it now lies restlessly inside a jump drive collecting dust while I lounge in a sea of self pity.  *cue Debbie Downer tones Womp Womp*.

When I'm feeling down like this, it's difficult for me to stay focused. (Think Doug the dog in the movie UP.) So last week when I sat down to write and instead found myself surfing the Internet, I swam across a life preserver. Yes, in the black hole of wasted time, there was a giant plastic doughnut in the form of a blog post I swear was written just for me! The post reminded me that I'm not alone and that every single writer--both pre-published and published--have felt the same anxiety. 

So readers I share this wonderful post with you if you haven't already read it. It's written by amazing author Dahlia Adler. Thank you Dahlia for reminding me that I'm not alone.


photo credit: Peter L Barker via photopin cc


  1. Thank you so much for this, Marlana! I'm both glad and sorry that it resonated so strongly :)

  2. LOL. Right? But no, it was exactly what I needed. Thanks so much again. :)

  3. Marlana, you are not alone!! *hugs* Thanks so much for sharing this post! I feel the same way at times. And I love the squirrel. :)

  4. "When I'm feeling down like this, it's difficult for me to stay focused."

    I am so there with you. I'll hop on the internet, which is like jumping down a rabbit hole and before I know it I've lost valuable time. Then I feel worse! Next time I just need to jump HERE before I flounder around too long. :)