Monday, January 27, 2014

Imagination is Awesome

I’m someone who can sit for hours people watching. See that guy? His name is Eduardo. Eduardo keeps studying his watch, his bushy eyebrows knitted together. He pulls out his cell phone, punches a few buttons and scowls before jamming it back into his pocket. Is he a Federal Agent? - a hit man? Or maybe I notice a giant truck driven by a very old woman wearing a knitted cap. When she sees me looking at her, she veers down the first side street. Is she in disguise? Or has an injured criminal forced her to drive his getaway vehicle?

My imagination has driven me nuts for most of my life. I found early on, if I wrote down the silly notions that entered my head, the fog would lift and I could feel normal. For a while at least. But later in life as a full-time mom, wife and employee, I didn't have time to doodle in notebooks. So I stowed away my ramblings hoping the stories bred from every day living would leave me be. It was pointless. With age the problem worsened. Characters would whisper in my ear in the dead of night.

Sound familiar? Perhaps this is why most writers typically get along fabulously with other writers. We understand poor eye contact, spaced-out looks and seemingly short attention spans. We know if another writer has drool dribbling down their chin they aren't having a seizure. They’re probably riding a giant winged-horse in a sky with two suns.

So yes, I will settle it once and for all. Writers are weird. And if you’re reading this? Weirdo! (Or you know one and are hoping this is a helpful guide on how to deal with them.) Well worry no more. The solution is quite simple. Write! Give those pesky characters their voice. Give up TV, sleep and socializing. For me, I started cutting coupons, feeding my family beanie-weenie and went part-time. 

Okay. So I’m fortunate that my husband isn't a picky eater. The bottom line is a writer must write so don't view it as a curse but as a rare gift. Embrace your Eduardos knowing most people will see only a Bob.

photo credit: shannonkringen via photopin cc


  1. That picture is amazing! And the description of writers! :) I felt weird for years. I asked my friends if they made up stories while driving and/or performing boring chores and they answered, "No, why do you?" Of course I did! It wasn't until I found other writers that I finally had a group that could identify with my wild imagination! Love to artists and writers everywhere! You are not alone!! :)

  2. "Perhaps this is why most writers typically get along fabulously with other writers."

    Yes! Kind of echoing Diane's comments above, but SO true. Daydreaming was always serious business for me as a kid, and it still is! :) I think one of the reasons the writing community is so strong is that not too many people understand having a constant cinema playing your mind. When you find people who do get it, you gotta hang on with both hands!

  3. Yes, you have always been 'amazing'. I refuse to refer to my youngest child as weird. You were the child who colored the cow purple and drew wings on its' back.

  4. Love this post!! I totally identify -- I always felt weird. I never knew I didn't have to be weird alone until I found other writers to connect with. Then I found out being weird is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yeah for weirdness! ...and purple cows. :)